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Hello! And welcome to The Fork Ran Away with the Spoon. I'm Jackie, a first generation American, with a quirky sense of humor. My parents were Cuban immigrants, who worked hard and lived their own version of the American Dream. I'm married, my husband is Hispanic, Nicaraguan to be precise. You'll see me referring to him as "The Hub" in posts. My beautiful daughter is all grown-up and living on her own. She is also a contributor to this site. 
I've been cooking up a storm in my small but functional kitchen for over 30 years. I started this blog to keep track of all my own personal recipes and share them with anyone who is interested. I like to say my cooking style is eclectic and by that I mean it's a little bit of this and little bit of that. It is heavily influenced by Spanish, Cuban, Nicaraguan, as well as, French, Indian and Middle Eastern flavors and cooking styles. I also have a certain fondness for good old-fashioned southern food, so you may see some of that pop-up in some of my recipes. Melding the flavors of these cultures and coming up with my own unique concepts is what gets me cooking! What gets you cooking? What inspires you? What flavors do you tend to gravitate towards?

 I would be thrilled if you left a comment or feedback on any recipes you might try. I welcome constructive suggestions. Making some friends along the way would be great! You can email me at forkranawaywithspoon@gmail.com.  

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Hi, I'm Eryka! I'm a second generation American born, raised and living in Miami with the best of three worlds in food: Cuban, Nicaraguan and American. I grew up around food as well as in the kitchen. My grandmother would cook dinner everyday and I would sit in the kitchen to watch sometimes even help her; I remember the first time she let me chop an onion! My mom was in the cake decorating business when I was a kid so I also watched her, as well as assisted her... many times assisting by eating the frosting! As I got older my mom taught me simple recipes, to soon take off on my own in the kitchen, and that's when I started to experiment. Some nights I was in charge of making dinner for the house. From high school and on, cooking is something I continuously enjoy. 
I am a huge fan of comfort food. There is nothing like a good plate of meat loaf with mashed potatoes or my favorite Cuban dish, Picadillo, to make your day better. Although intricate recipes are challenging, I am also a fan of simple yet flavorful recipes. If I do take on the challenge of a difficult recipe, it's when I bake, so yes ... I am a baker! My sweet recipes will be featured on the blog too. 
I hope you enjoy my recipes as well and feel free to leave suggestions, critiques or love any time! 

See you on Wednesdays with Eryka!



  1. Proud of you..can't wait to try some of these yummy recipes!

    1. Thanks so much Keisha! I am happy that I am doing something I love ... cooking, sharing and photographing :-D.
      Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot to me!

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    1. Thanks WoodBone and Stone, you have a cool name too !