Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Am Back, but ...

From the top of Coit Tower!
Hi Folks!  Yes, I am back from San Francisco.  What a fabulous trip! We really got to have an amazing culinary adventure this time around! It was cold but we mostly had clear and sunny days. We even experienced 80 degree weather in SF! We got back last Tuesday, the 21st. Unfortunately, I also came back with acute bronchitis and today (Sunday) is the first day I feel somewhere in the vicinity of ok. I am on some pretty heavy medication, including an inhaler of all things. I will be back to posting, starting this Tuesday with a "Did You Know..." article.
I had so many connectivity issues while in San Francisco, I just gave up at some point. Frankly, I was shocked, I wasn't expecting to be so disconnected. And while my iPhone was on 4G all the time, I realized I am not cut out for writing and posting from the phone.  The internet at the hotel was a crock ... it was about as dependable as perfect weather is in Florida ... meaning it just wasn't there for me.
I have some great recipes coming up this week, so stay tuned! Cheers!