Friday, December 12, 2014

Update on the state of The Fork Ranaway with the Spoon

Dear friends, visitors, follower and fellow food bloggers;

Update: 12/12/14

The computer problems persist!  The laptop is now on it's seventh round of "repair" only to come back this last time with the same problem. Patience, I will say, is truly a virtue and mine has been tested ... extensively. If it is not resolved today, I will be "biting the bullet" and getting a new computer.  I've got so many  beautiful food pictures and recipes to share with you that I just have to take the plunge and do what I have been putting off. It's just so frustrating because the laptop is only 2 years old!  I hope I haven't lost to many followers and to those who have stuck around ... THANK YOU!


Perhaps you've noticed my retreat from the blog and social media. I just wanted to let you all know that The Fork Ranaway with the Spoon Has been experiencing a number of computer related issue since September. The laptop on which all the content and photos for the blog were saved has been back and forth with repairs since September. It even had a new hard drive installed and still it remains in repair. It's under an extended warranty and this is the third time back for repair, it now falls into the "lemon law" category and I'll either have a refund on the cost or a new laptop. It seems the motherboard has failed. The desktop computer, a twelve year old Mac is no longer able to run the latest browser and thus makes it impossible to do anything on the site. I am currently writing this post from my ipad, which is not my favorite tool to use for writing. Additonally, since the latest updates to the ios it repeatedly crashes. It's done so 2 times in my writing just this small post.
I truly hope to be back soon, I just can't estimate when that will be. I am "jonesing" to blog about all my latest recipes and share them with you, I guess that is a good thing. I hope I haven't lost to many followers and to those who have stuck around ... THANK YOU!


  1. Hi dear Jackie!
    It's great letting us know what happened, we thought it was just some sort of "writer's block" or simple fatigue, something quite common among bloggers from time to time:)
    We're glad it's just a technical issue, because it will be resolved at some point (3 times back for repair?wow) and you'll be able to share again your wonderful writing with us.
    We are waiting for your next authentic Cubano recipe, both yours and Eryka's :)
    Hugs and Greetings from both of us,
    Panos and Mirella

    1. Little Cooking Tips, I hope the times make it the charm and the issue is resolved. Every time the laptop came back, I was excited and started writing and then... bam ... failure with the computer. Looking forward to getting back and sharing. Thank you as always for your continued support and lovely words!

  2. I hope you are up and running soon. Miss ya.

    1. Thank you Joy Bee! I miss blogging and I really miss sharing my recipes and everyone else's recipes on G+ and FB. I really hope I am back up soon. Thanks again :-D