Monday, March 4, 2013

In The Utensils Drawer


I am admittedly new and very green to blogging.  There I said it. Got that out of the way! Whew, that wasn't so hard! 
"Why am I here?" I am still trying to figure that out, I'll have to get back to you on that when I have a deep and complex answer. 
Nah ... the answer is quite simple. I want a place to store the recipes I create and I want to share them.  I hope to teach, motivate, inspire and learn along the way. After 30 years in the kitchen (my home kitchen) I think I have managed to learn a few things.
My cooking style is eclectic and by that I mean, a little of this and a little of that.  It's can be casual, fancy, frugal, international ... really it just depends on my mood and what's defrosted or in the pantry.
Like everyone I have a few utensils in my drawer that have a special place in my kitchen.  The big metal spoon belonged to my mom and she served up many a meals to so many people with this simple but generous spoon. The ragged, old, flat wooden "spatula" I've had since I got married. I ordered it from "Fingerhut".
I bet I just dated myself with that comment! Who remembers "Fingerhut"? And while not a utensil per se, this platter belonged to my mom and fed a bunch of adolescent family members that my parents took in during the mass immigration of Cubans to the States in the early 60's. The stories I have heard told about that platter and the battle for the last piece of meat or potato are just hilarious.

So I hope I can entice a few of you out there on the digital highway to come along for the ride. Let's find out why the Fork ran away with the Spoon.


  1. I love both of these utensils and I hope one day I can have them :-D!!!
    I think I remember the platter but I'm not sure.

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