Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Our One Year Anniversary at The Fork Ran Away with the Spoon


It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since I wrote and published my very first post at The Fork Ran Away with the Spoon. I started it as a way to keep track of my recipes. and because like millions of Americans, I had recently lost my job in Marketing and needed something to keep me busy. I also needed to hone my skills in social media for the work force and I figured what better way than to be engrossed it in. And surprisingly those 10 months of joblessness in many ways turned out to be a blessing. It certainly made the Hub and I realize how much we spent on frivolous things, dinning out, and accumulating stuff. It was a very good lesson and one we took to heart, now that I am back at work, we save a lot more than we use to and we still enjoy our life but now it is via experiences, instead of unnecessary "stuff".
My journey  in running a food blog has been an interesting, entertaining, maddening, educational, joyful, frustrating and yes, even thought provoking. I remember milestones like my very first "like", my very first comment and the very first share. Those were epic moments and I was elated! I did many a happy dance in my family room.
Those first 3 months had me wondering if it was worth my time and effort, when at the end of the day I would see a grand total of  5 visits and maybe 10 pageviews, if that. Then, somewhere around June-July it all started to click and I was socializing more on Google+ and "somewhat" getting the hang of it. I started reading, researching and learning more about blogging, following and meeting new bloggers and building great relationships with so many wonderful folks. While photography was always a hobby, food photography always seemed to elude me but I slowly improved my food photography skills by using natural lighting, learning new tricks on food styling and getting a lot of pretty plates, bowls and props most of the time at dollar stores, goodwill and in the clearance aisle of stores like Marshalls or Ross.
I have learned that just when you think you can't get any better or learn anything new, you do improve and you do learn more.
Often times I was shocked at what recipe(s) seemed to take a shine with people and disappointed when the recipe(s) I thought would get the most notice didn't. This never fails to amaze me, astound me even.
I had and still have the wonderful opportunity to have my daughter as a contributor and she is featured every Wednesday, on Wednesdays with Eryka. Here recipes are simple, quick and easy to make. They are all about comfort food without a lot of extra work and the results are nothing short of delicious.
I thank all you wonderful followers, visitors, fellow bloggers, my Google+ communities, friends and family for all your support, all the likes, shares and comments.  Each of those moments of support has meant the world to me.
I can only continue to grow and improve my blog by the inspiration that I take from my fellow food bloggers.
I especially want to send a big thank you to The Hub and my daughter, Eryka. They have, since day one, believed in me and have been my biggest cheerleaders. I love you both more than words can ever say.

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