Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coming Up this Saturday ...

Mom, Dad and, yup, that's me!
I've had a few emails asking when I will be posting  my parent's recipe for Authentic Cuban Roast Pork.  The wait is almost over ... Look for the full recipe this Saturday, June 15th.  My parents, Aida and Eloy, are no longer here, but I can't help to think that they would be ecstatic knowing that their recipe was shared with so many folks. Whenever I make Cuban roast pork, I feel they are right there cooking alongside me, looking over my shoulder, probably gasping if I add or don't add enough of any one ingredient. So many of my families best memories where eating around the table in my parents kitchen, laughing, talking. It is no wonder that my brother and I, to this day, love having big, loud family dinners. I hope you visit this Saturday, and make and share this absolutely fabulous and ridiculously delicious recipe. It does take some prep but  it is so worth the time invested, I promise!

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